“Tank” – Investigation on the purchase of the Mercedes for the Prime Minister

“Toplik” – Investigation on the sale of the building plots for the “Sun City” elite settlement

“Target” – Nearly 6000 citizens illegally wiretapped by the UBK

The violence in front of Centar Municipality’s building – the second indictment, the first for Gruevski

“Vault” – Equipment for UBK overpaid by 860.000 euro

The unavailability of Sead Kochan as an occasion for creative interpretation of the Law on Criminal Procedure

The party membership is of decisive importance for employment in the public administration

The disclosure of SPO’s investigation only protects the other possible suspects

The European Commission criticized Macedonia for a plethora of segments

Vanhoutte: The 18-month deadline in the Law on SPO has been agreed by Gruevski and Zaev without negotiations

Janeva demands key legal amendments for more rapid justice

Prior the leaders’ meeting: There are no conditions, there will be elections and we’ll have to wait for the reforms

Agreement between the four political parties 20 July 2016 (20/07/2016)

Once again threats of violence, once again the authorities are mute

Message to NATO: Ivanov’s speech is dangerous and shall not be ridiculed

Research: Only one third of the citizens have confidence in the institutions

The post-Przhino negotiations and the government’s concept about them

After it prohibited them, the Court requests the presentation of the wiretapped conversations