Unfinished Bardovci kindergarten used as a recycled promise for Jakimovski`s campaign

PROMISE: Construction of kindergarten in the Urban Community of Bardovci. 


Stevcho Jakimovski’s promise for construction of kindergarten in Bardovci is an unfulfilled promise. This project was a significant part of his 2013-2017 election programme, titled “Vision for Karposh”, placed in the section dedicated to projects envisioned for the Urban Community of Bardovci (page 46).

According to some media outlets, the decision for the construction of kindergarten in Bardovci was made by the Council of Municipality of Karposh in April 2015.

The councilors of the Municipality of Karposh made a unanimous decision on constructing new kindergarten on the territory of Karposh. This kindergarten will be a part of OOU Avram Pisevski’s school yard in Bardovci, will provide daycare services and will facilitate children’s socialization process, all of this at parents’ convenience. Municipality of Karposh has announced that the construction conditions have been met and the project will be realized in the forthcoming period, Porta 3 reports.

The foundation stones were laid last week, on 14 September 2017, nearly two and a half years after the unanimous decision of the municipal Council was made and ten days prior the start (25 September 2017) of the campaign for the upcoming local elections, taking place on 15 October 2017.

Municipality of Karposh has begun the construction of a new kindergarten in the Bardovci settlement. The object will cover 521 square meters and will be situated in OU Avram Pisevski’s yard. The total amount of the project is approximately 24 million denars, 7.3 million provided by the IPA Programme for Municipal Rural Investments, Build informs.

This news was published on Stevche Jakimovski’s, mayor of Karposh, official Facebook page.

Today, with the laying of the cornerstone, the mayor of the Municipality of Karposh, Stevcho Jakimovski solemnly announced the construction of the new kindergarten in Bardovci. This preschool facility will be situated in OOU Avram Pisevski’s yard and will cover 521 m2. The total amount needed for construction of this capital building is nearly 24.000.000 denars, out of which 7.300.000 have been provided by the IPA Programme for Municipal Rural Investments, through the Ministry of Finance of the RM. The rest of the funds, 16.700.000 denars, have been provided by the budget of the Municipality of Karposh.

Jakimovski’s 2013 election programme – Vision for Karposh – does not contain a specific deadline for implementation of this project. However, taking into account the fact that mayors’ tenure has officially ended in May 2017 (later extended until the local elections scheduled for 15 October 2017), we can conclude that Jakimovski’s promise for construction of kindergarten in Bardovci is unfulfilled.




Assessed by: Ana Anastasovska

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